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I'm a Therapist, but What's my Role?

Updated: Jul 11

Sitting in therapy

As clinicians' it is easy to feel a deep sense of responsibility to clients. Being in a helping profession, especially as a counselor, has a tendency to want to “help” others. But what does that really look like? There’s certainly nothing wrong with helping, essentially, clients come for your assistance, but what does that look like? New therapists especially may experience immense pressure and stress surrounding the idea of helping or an illusion to "fix" clients. This mindset can lead to self-doubt, anxiety, and burnout. Instead of embracing growth, its easy to feel overwhelmed by the responsibility of solving complex issues. Shifting focus from fixing to facilitating growth liberates therapists from unrealistic burdens, promoting healthier therapeutic relationships and self-care. Understanding that therapy is a collaborative journey empowers therapists to support clients in navigating their challenges, fostering resilience, and promoting sustainable progress.

In counseling, therapists act as cultivators, planting seeds of insight and encouragement that prompt personal growth. Through reflective questioning and compassionate listening, they nurture the fertile ground of the client's mind, fostering self-discovery and empowerment. These seeds, carefully sown during sessions, germinate into newfound perspectives and strengths. As clients water and tend to these seeds between sessions, they witness their own growth and transformation. This collaborative process allows individuals to cultivate resilience, insight, and agency, ultimately blossoming into the architects of their own fulfillment and well-being, guided by the seeds of wisdom sown in the therapeutic journey. Ultimately, the goal is not to carry clients through their journey, but to walk alongside them, illuminating the path toward personal growth and empowerment.

So, now, what's your role as a therapist?

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