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What's Your Style: How Knowing your Style will take you to the Next Level.

Updated: Mar 16, 2023

What's your style? Moving into the supervision process, it's important to consider this. Often times, future counselors are excited about exploring this next step toward licensure, however, one important aspect of the supervision process is considering one's own learning style. It could be compared to a treatment modality or intervention that might best serve the needs of a client. The difference is, clients cannot always vocalize their needs in the way counselors might be able to. Remember, spending 18+ months with a supervisor is a huge commitment, and as such, when considering potential supervisors, there is a bit of work future counselors need to be able to do, starting with being able to on a basic level, communicate your style of learning for the supervision process.

Here are a few questions to ponder when considering the supervisory relationship;

  1. How do I learn best? Lecture style, reading, a mixture? Hands on, case studies?

  2. How does my personality impact my learning style in this process, or Am I aware of how my personality might impact developing the skills needed to become a competent counselor? (Positive and negative).

  3. What skills might a potential supervisor need to have to support my development?

Remember, this is just as much a learning process for you as it is for your supervision. Ultimately, the relationship and skills developed will take you to that next level.

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