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Counselor Self-Care

Updated: Mar 29

A topic well talked about, but how often do counselors actually take the time to care for themselves in at least in a similar manner to that of their clients. Processing this concept; counselors have taken an unprecedented amount of time to learn the craft, plan weeks in advance for client sessions, research resources, find and implement homework, study the dynamics and backgrounds of their clients, even provide in home care. Yet, many practitioners find it difficult to put in the minimal time to ensure their own well-being.

Perhaps the idea of self care has been condensed to the minimal massages and dinners, however, self care is so much more. When counselors focus on

the care of others, they often include a holistic view: Mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being to name a few. The idea is that self care includes the whole person. So then, as counselors at all professional levels, it is imperative that there is a foundational understanding that holistic self-care is vital to personal and professional advancement.

For new counselors, just getting started in the profession brings about a great deal of excitement and eagerness to support the wellness of others. At any level, but especially as new counselors, here are some considerations when processing the idea of self care;

  1. What do your professional organizations and boards say about self-care?

  2. Have you taken a self-care assessment to determine your self care needs on multiple levels?

  3. How does self-care impact your ability to improve or provide quality care for your clients?

Don't just check the self-care box, explore your personal and professional needs as it pertains to your overall well-being and growth.

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